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T-1 Helium Retardant

Aged & Selected (AS) Lamp Option: These Lamps are aged a minimum of 16 hours at rated voltage and selected for MSCP (Brightness) tolerance prior to shipping. Please designate your selection of this option by adding AS, and the MSCP tolerance, to the part number. Example: An L-715 aged and selected to a plus-or-minus brightness tolerance of 15 percent becomes an   L-715-AS15.

Finish: Wire terminal leads tinned per MIL-STD-202, Method 208. For gold plating .00020 min. per MIL-G-45207, add GPL to part number.

Lumitron Part NumberMilitary SpecificationDesign VoltsAverage MSCPDesign AmpsLife (Hours)Filament Type
L-6809-AS15MS27571 -6809-AS1550.150.11516000C-2R