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T-1 PolyVision Flexible Lead Assembly (FLA) NVIS Incandescent Lamps

NVIS Compliant and NVG Compatible per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009
ORDERING INFORMATION: Build your part number using the Search function in tables below:  1) Choose color prefix in Color Table    2)  Choose Figure type in Configuration Table     3) Choose Electrical Configuration in Lamp Table

Color Table

PrefixColor2100K Source
L-54105-130X-xxxxNVIS Green A14%
L-84105-130X-xxxxNVIS White10%

Configuration Table

ConfigurationFigureØA DiameterOverall Length
L-xx105-130F-xxxxFigure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]
L-xx105-130H-xxxxFigure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]

Lamp Table

(1) MS90452 (2) MIL-L-6363/4

SuffixLampDesign VoltsUnfiltered MSCPDesign Amps
L-xx105-130X-6833 L-6833-AS15 (1)(2)50.050.06
L-xx105-130X-7133 L-7133-AS15 (1)(2)50.090.075
L-xx105-130X-6153 L-6153-AS15 (2)50.150.06

Drawing Notes

Application Notes


NVIS PolyVision ring filters are polished inside and out by default for maximum transmission.

L-xx The first two numbers designate the filter color per the Filter Color Table (54=NVIS Green A)

L-xx105-130X-xxxx The middle numbers call out the configuration (105-130X=Ø0.135 [3.4])

xxxx – The last four numbers designate the lamp type per Lamp Table (6153=T-¾ 5V, 60mA Lamp)

ExampleL-54105-130F-6153 is an NVIS Green A ring filter lamp, Ø 0.135 (3.4), 0.185 (4.7) overall length, 5V, 60 mA

NVIS ring filter lamps are subject to some degree of abbreviated life from the rated life of the lamp. Performance and life of ring filter lamp assemblies are directly related to the environment in which they operate. Suitability for specific applications must be determined by the user.

PolyVision optical filters are subject to the following thermal constraints:

1. Intermittent Use Temperature: 190C

2. Extended Use Temperature: 120C

T-1 NVIS PolyVision FLA Part Number Validation Search Engine

Part Number
ConfigurationØA DiameterOverall LengthNVIS ColorDesign
L-54105-130F-6833Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.050.06
L-84105-130F-6833Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.050.06
L-54105-130F-7133Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.090.075
L-84105-130F-7133Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.090.075
L-54105-130F-6153Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.150.06
L-84105-130F-6153Figure 1F0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.150.06
L-54105-130H-6833Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.050.06
L-84105-130H-6833Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.050.06
L-54105-130H-7133Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.090.075
L-84105-130H-7133Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.090.075
L-54105-130H-6153Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]Green A50.150.06
L-84105-130H-6153Figure 1H0.135 [3.4mm]0.185 [4.7mm]White50.150.06

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