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NVIS Compliance and NVG Compatibility of Illuminated Push Buttons, Switches, Keyboards, Dials, and Displays


  • NVG display compliance per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009
  • Monolithic construction – filtered NVIS light from both top and side walls
  • Dimensions are typical and may vary depending on color, design, and application requirements
  • Custom dimensioned filters and rapid prototyping are our specialty – please contact Lumitron with your requirements
Color CodeFilter ColorLED ColorPhotopic
L-xx196-Axxxx-xxxNVIS Green ACool White LED21%
L-xx330-Axxxx-xxxNVIS Green A525nm Green34%
L-xx197-Bxxxx-xxxNVIS Green BCool White LED22%
L-xx250-Bxxxx-xxxNVIS Green B525nm Green15%
L-xx648-Wxxxx-xxxNVIS WhiteCool White LED36%
L-xx951-Wxxxx-xxxMulti-ColorAMLCD Displays24%
L-xx401-Yxxxx-xxxYellow Class ACool White LED32%
L-xx402-Yxxxx-xxxYellow Class BCool White LED22%
L-xx403-Rxxxx-xxxRed Class B605nm Red66%
L-xx404-Rxxxx-xxxNVG Friendly Aviation Red625nm Red70%
CONFIGURATION TABLE-Dimensions are in inches [mm]
Config TableDim ADim BDim CDim DDim EDim F Typical
L-65xxx-x0603-0030.063 [1.6]0.031 [0.8]0.095 [2.4]0.070 [1.8]0.012 [0.3]0.060 (1.5)
L-65xxx-x0805-0030.079 [2.0]0.051 [1.3]0.095 [2.4]0.090 [2.3]0.016 [0.4]0.060 (1.5)
L-65xxx-x1206-0020.126 [3.2]0.063 [1.6]0.130 [3.3]0.085 [2.2]0.020 [0.5]0.060 (1.5)
L-65xxx-x1206-0030.126 [3.2]0.063 [1.6]0.135 [3.4]0.125 [3.2]0.020 [0.5]0.060 (1.5)
L-65xxx-x670-0020.086 [2.2]0.058 [1.5]0.145 [3.7]0.115 [2.9]0.016 [0.4]0.080 (2.0)
L-65xxx-x320-0020.118 [3.0]0.079 [2.0]0.170 [4.3]0.120 [3.1]0.028 [0.7]0.080 (2.0)
L-65xxx-x460-0010.138 [3.5]0.110 [2.8]0.170 [4.3]0.155 [3.9]0.031 [0.8]0.110 (2.6)
L-65xxx-x955-0010.138 [3.5]0.110 [2.8]Ø0.18 [4.3]Ø0.18 [4.3]0.031 [0.8]0.110 (2.6)
PART NUMBER TABLE-Search and validate part numbers by using the Search window to filter table output-Click on column headers to sort table.
Part NumberNVIS ColorDIM FDim CDim D
L-65196-A0603-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65330-A0603-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65197-B0603-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65250-B0603-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65648-W0603-003 White0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65649-W0603-003 White0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65951-W0603-003Multi-Color0.050 [1.3mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65401-Y0603-003Yellow Class A0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65402-Y0603-003Yellow Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65403-R0603-003Red Class B0.050 [1.3mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.070 [1.8mm]
L-65196-A0805-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65330-A0805-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65197-B0805-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65250-B0805-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65648-W0805-003 White0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65649-W0805-003 White0.060 [1.5mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65951-W0805-003Multi-Color0.050 [1.3mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65401-Y0805-003Yellow Class A0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65402-Y0805-003Yellow Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65403-R0805-003Red Class B0.050 [1.3mm]0.095 [2.4mm]0.090 [2.3mm]
L-65196-A1206-002 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65330-A1206-002 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65197-B1206-002 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65250-B1206-002 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65648-W1206-002 White0.070 [1.8mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65649-W1206-002 White0.060 [1.5mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65951-W1206-002Multi-Color0.050 [1.3mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65401-Y1206-002Yellow Class A0.070 [1.8mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65402-Y1206-002Yellow Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65403-R1206-002Red Class B0.050 [1.3mm]0.130 [3.3mm]0.085 [2.2mm]
L-65196-A1206-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65330-A1206-003 Green A0.060 [1.5mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65197-B1206-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65250-B1206-003 Green B0.060 [1.5mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65648-W1206-003 White0.070 [1.8mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65649-W1206-003 White0.060 [1.5mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65951-W1206-003Multi-Color0.050 [1.3mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65401-Y1206-003Yellow Class A0.070 [1.8mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65402-Y1206-003Yellow Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65403-R1206-003Red Class B0.050 [1.3mm]0.135 [3.4mm]0.125 [3.2mm]
L-65196-A320-001 Green A0.080 [2.0mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65330-A320-001 Green A0.080 [2.0mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65197-B320-001 Green B0.080 [2.0mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65250-B320-001 Green B0.080 [2.0mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65648-W320-001 White0.090 [2.3mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65649-W320-001 White0.080 [2.0mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65951-W320-001Multi-Color0.070 [1.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65401-Y320-001Yellow Class A0.090 [2.3mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65402-Y320-001Yellow Class B0.090 [2.3mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65403-R320-001Red Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.120 [3.1mm]
L-65196-A670-001 Green A0.080 [2.0mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65330-A670-001 Green A0.080 [2.0mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65197-B670-001 Green B0.080 [2.0mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65250-B670-001 Green B0.080 [2.0mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65648-W670-001 White0.090 [2.3mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65951-W670-001Multi-Color0.070 [1.8mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65401-Y670-001Yellow Class A0.090 [2.3mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65402-Y670-001Yellow Class B0.090 [2.3mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65403-R670-001Red Class B0.070 [1.8mm]0.145 [3.7mm]0.115 [2.9mm]
L-65196-A460-001 Green A0.110 [2.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65330-A460-001 Green A0.110 [2.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65197-B460-001 Green B0.110 [2.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65250-B460-001 Green B0.110 [2.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65648-W460-001 White0.120 [3.1mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65649-W460-001 White0.110 [2.8mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65951-W460-001Multi-Color0.100 [2.6mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65401-Y460-001Yellow Class A0.120 [3.1mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65402-Y460-001Yellow Class B0.120 [3.1mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65403-R460-001Red Class B0.100 [2.6mm]0.170 [4.3mm]0.155 [3.9mm]
L-65196-A955-001 Green A0.110 [2.8mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65330-A955-001 Green A0.110 [2.8mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65197-B955-001 Green B0.110 [2.8mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65250-B955-001 Green B0.110 [2.8mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65648-W955-001 White0.120 [3.1mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65649-W955-001 White0.110 [2.8mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65951-W955-001Multi-Color0.100 [2.6mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65401-Y955-001Yellow Class A0.120 [3.1mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65402-Y955-001Yellow Class B0.120 [3.1mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]
L-65403-R955-001Red Class B0.100 [2.6mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]Ø0.18 [4.3mm]


  1. Use the Color Table to select the color code. Color choice will determine assembly Height per Part Number Table.
  2. Use the Config Table to select assembly length and width dimensions: L-xxxx-0603-003, L-xxxx-0805-003, L-xxxx-x1206-002, L-xxxx-x1206-003, L-xxxx-x320-001, L-xxxx-x670-001, L-xxxx-x460-001, L-xxxx-x955-001 (CYLINDRICAL).
  3. Example: L-65330-A0603-003 is an NVIS Green A SMD LED with the following dimensions, Dimension A Length = .095 [2.4 mm] x Dimension B Width = 0.070[1.8 mm] x Height = 0.060[1.5 mm].


  1. Available in tape and reel for pick-and-place installation
  2. Monolithic Construction of NVIS filter
  3. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitive
  4. Reflow soldering recommended
  5. Manual soldering temperature 350 C Max for 3 seconds MAX
  6. Suitability of soldering Methods Must be Determined by User
  7. Green LEDs filtered for NVIS Green A have u’ and v’ chromaticity values that are near the upper left limit of the color radius per MIL-STD-3009. Due to variations in the LED manufacturing process and drive currents, the green color may shift slightly beyond the NVIS Green A color limit. This will have no effect on compliance to Class A NVIS Radiance.
  8. NVIS PolyVision Optical Filters are subject to the following thermal constraints: Intermittent Use Temperature 190°C. Extended Use Temperature 120°C.
  9. Stray unfiltered light emitting from the bottom of the LED can cause IR leakage. Potting may be required to light-seal the assembly. IR Opaque Light baffles are now available to facilitate this process.

Please click here more information on Light Sealing with Baffles

Building or Validating Part Numbers

  1. Use the SEARCH Window in the Part Number Table to search, filter, and validate part numbers.
  2. Table can be sorted by any column header to narrow your search by NVIS Color, LED color, Dimensions, etc.