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Green 5mm (T-1 3/4) LED Lamps

Meets Aviation Green per SAE-AS25050

Main Features

Dimmable – Long Life –  Shock and Vibration Resistant – Low Current Draw – Minimal Heat Generation –  Cost Effective – Built-In Current-Limiting Resistors – Dual Polarity

Optical Characteristics Table

Configuration Table

VDCmA @ VDCMidget FlangeMidget GrooveBi-Pin
518 ± 10% L-0328-NPGCL-0337- NPGCL-7328- NPGC
1218 ± 10%L-0394- NPGCL-7354- NPGCL-7371- NPGC
1418 ± 10%L-0330- NPGCL-0336- NPGCL-7330- NPGC
2816.5 ± 10%L-0327- NPGCL-0334- NPGCL-7327- NPGC

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